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Aug 31, 2016


Guest Ryan Monette from The Queue podcast joins Mouse Scouts to talk about visiting Disney Parks solo! He also talks about how he's grown a community around his Instagram account. 


Interview with Ryan Monte from The Queue Podcast

Here's some of what we cover:

• What are some of the perks of visiting Disney parks by yourself?

• Drawbacks?

• Do you find it easy to engage with other guests while you’re there or are you content to just be silently mysterious.

• Do you have friends that you meet up with at the parks?

• Do you ever find yourself connecting with other groups that you end up spending more time with afterward?

• What kind of attention do you get from others when you’re there by yourself? Cast members and guests alike?

• What do you do while you’re waiting in line?

• Is it any easier getting into restaurants when it’s just you?

• What would you recommend to someone who’s visiting a disney park for the first time by themselves?

• What’s your favorite attraction to experience solo? Least favorite?

• What are some travel tips for traveling alone?

• What’s your favorite park tip?

• What’s your favorite bit of Disney life or career inspiration? Something like a quote or a value?

• What is one thing in life that has you really excited right now?


Where can we find Ryan Monette?

The Queue Podcast | iTunes

Ryan's Instagram


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