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Apr 24, 2017

Megan & Kris talk about what's scary at Disneyland Park (Disney California Adventure is in the next episode) for young kids preschool aged and younger.


Fear's Guide to What's Scary at Disneyland

We're mainly pointing out Disneyland Attractions that can be scary for kids 5 and under (preschool age) or a 40 inch height requirement and lower.



Jungle Cruise: This ride is mostly fine for kids, but there are a few things to consider. The animatronic animals may seem to be real to kids and therefore may be scary. The skipper a one point fires a loud cap gun, and at the end of the cruise, loud man-eating piranhas make an appearance right next to the boat. Don't worry though, they're only man-eating piranhas. Women and children are fine. :)

Tarzan's Treehouse: At one point during the climb to the top, there's a loud tiger hiss that may startle youngsters.

The Enchanted Tiki Room: This is a show in the dark which might make youngsters uncertain. There's a point during the show where the totems on the wall start to play and sing and also, near the end of the show, sudden thunder rings out which is kind of a jump scare.


New Orleans Square

Pirates of the Caribbean: This ride is a dark ride, so that atmosphere in general may be scary. It also features drops, skeletons, cannons, simulated fire, and a projected waterfall that the character Davy Jones from the movie appears.

Haunted Mansion: This is the Haunted mansion. Everything is scary for a youngster! Be prepared for screaming and jump scares as well as general spookiness.


Critter Country

Splash Mountain: I think this one is obvious with the 50 foot drop at the end, but there are a couple dark spots in the ride and at the end the mood of the ride gets very sad and sorrowful that little ones might pick up on.

Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The only thing in this ride that might be scary would be the heffelumps and woozles portion of the ride which is very bright & stimulating, and generally strange. It might make youngsters uncomfortable.



Mark Twain Riverboat and Columbia Boats: When these are running, the both have loud noises they make in the ways of whistles, bells, and cannons.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: This is a wild train ride troller coaster, so the speed and sharp turns my be unsavory for young kids. That said, it also takes you through dark tunnels including one that looks like it's about to collapse onto the train.



Quick note about dark rides in general: The setting for these rides may be generally scary for youngsters considering they are rides through different scenes in the dark.

Snow White Scary Adventures: This ride is designed to be scary. The evil queen follows you throughout the ride chasing you through scary woods and dungeons with malevolent intent.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride: This whimsical ride takes you through various scenes, one of which features an oncoming train and then hell and the devil.

Pinocchio: There are a few scenes in this ride that could be scary for kids that feature Monstro the Whale, Pleasure Island scenes, and Stromboli.

Alice & Wonderland: This ride features strange scenes from Alice in Wonderland, many including the Queen of Hearts in all her rageful glory.

Peter Pan: There's nothing really to mention here except that some of the scenes are dark. Nothing really scary though.

Carousel: There's nothing really scary about this ride.

Casey Jr Circus Train: There's nothing really scary about this ride.

Storybook Land Cruise: There's nothing really scary about this ride, except at the beginning you sail into the mouth of a whale.

Teacups: There's nothing really scary about this ride unless your kids don't like spinning.

Dumbo: The only thing that may be scary about this ride is heights.

it's a small world: There's nothing really scary about this ride.


Mickey's Toontown

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin: This ride takes you through scenes from Roger Rabbit. You encounter evil weasels, explosions, and general strangeness. There's also the added feature that the car spins around.

Gadget's Go Coaster: This is a small roller coaster designed for young thrill seekers. If your kids aren't up to it, you might want to pass.



Finding Nemo Submarines: This is a ride in a dark enclosed submarine. It features dark parts, explosions, and the scary looking angler fish from the Finding Nemo movie for a nice jump scare.

Space Mountain: This is a roller coaster in the dark. Enough said.

Star Tours: This is a simulated 3D flight with surprising moments and adventure. Nothing specifically to point out except sometimes it seems your shuttle is in danger.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters: This is a ride in the dark which features many scenes with aliens, Emperor Zurg, and of course Buzz Lightyear. Some of the scenes might be scary, but I think the game aspect of it sort of counteracts it.

Autopia: This is a nice ride through an outside track. Nothing really scary here, unless you happen to get rear ended by the car behind you which might be surprising.


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